Wood Carving a Santa Claus

I have been inspired lately from my family that have been creating some amazing wood carvings.   They are truly amazing artists and it kindled my spirit to do a couple of recent carvings.   I wanted to work on a carving for the holiday and so I was watching a few YouTube Videos to find a style and get some ideas for a pattern.   I came across a wood carver, who goes by the name Doug Outside that I found to be really good.  Watching a couple of his videos helped me capture my vision for my carving.   I will include a link to one of Doug’s videos below.  It you are interested in carving, I highly recommend his videos. 

I went through my box of old wood that has been beckoning to be carved and I found one that was about a foot long and an inch or so around.  It seemed it would make for an interesting form of a Santa.    I call it, if Eastwood was Santa Claus.

Here is the link for Doug Outside to view his Channel:


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