To honor, respect and enjoy – Viva La Vida!


I hope these moments I captured express how I felt this day as I enjoyed the day in downtown Austin, Texas at Viva La Vida hosted by Mexic-Arte Museum.  I have never been to a festival to celebrate Day of the Dead.  In the morning of the festival I thought about loved ones that I have lost and how they molded and defined my life.   Time passes so quickly and for myself I tend to recognize that a little more each year.   You never know what lies ahead, but we can help define a day. If I have learned anything in my time I hope to honor and respect; to give a little more love to the ones you love when you can and take time to remember the ones you loved.  I hope you enjoy the photos that I captured on this day.  Viva La Vida!

I am going to add 10 or more photos a day for the next 5 days in no particular order.  On each day along with the photos I plan to write a short message for some of the photos and others I may just include a quote or a link to a song on how the photos make me feel.  I hope you come back to view these series of photos and send me a comment if you like and I will try to get back to you when I am able.  Please click on the photos to see the full size since the thumbnail version appears to crop the photos at times.

For today I thought of a couple of songs you might enjoy while looking at the photos:

Chavela Vargas – La Llorona  (

Los Lonely Boys – Heaven  (

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