The Wave

The Wave

I really enjoy taking a ride out on a country rode with my bike.  I have not ventured long distances yet and may just continue to ride like I do.  The feeling you get is hard to describe; except to say I find my center and it gives me time to feel the road and see locations I may not notice if I just drove by.  Along with the ride is the connection between riders.  There is a camaraderie when you see another biker to wave and most reciprocate.  Perhaps an unwritten message between riders to show courtesy and a fellowship for the road.  You may not know each other and yet you feel a connection.  Not everyone does it, but to me I enjoy and appreciate the wave.  Apparently, a form of the wave has been added to the Rally parade.  Seems a little too dangerous to me but to each their own.

I found this like on Motorcycle Hand Greetings if anyone is interested in learning more.

Motorcycle Hand Greetings

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