The Sandhills in New Mexico

I captured the wingspan of a sandhill crane at the Bosque Del Apache during the Festival of the Cranes. So many years go by and yet each year the cranes return. It is a magical time. The few times that I have gone, each time seems a bit different and yet the same feeling of awe and appreciation.

If you can wake up early, the mornings are still and serene. The sounds of cranes and snow geese echo over the water.

As the early morning light appears it seems to stir the sandhill cranes from their rest in the shallow ponds. The cranes seem to depart in small groups. As a photographer you look for subtle signs like the stretched neck and 45 degree arch and a keen concentration of the bird as it centers upon the horizon. Then they dash. Running along the water as if in a race against time. In this capture, it reminded me of a track event that I call the Sandhill Sprint.