The Kite Festival

It is great to see parents enjoying time with their families. With all of the high tech gadgets, it seems too easy to miss the real opportunities to connect with our families and have memories that last a life time. Cheers to Moms and Dads for taking time to teach, to embrace, to enjoy moments with their little ones (or any age for that matter).

This is a series I made in Austin, Texas in 2015. It was a cold foggy February morning on the day of the Austin Kite Festival. This is a series of photos I captured during the event. It was a great opportunity to enjoy the festivities and see special moments.

I hope you found a moment that you enjoyed. I thought it was a great opportunity to capture a moment of the human spirit. I hope you take an opportunity for yourself, or with your family or with your friends to do go out and have some laughs and share an experience that can last a life time. I need to do the same.

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