The Fantastic Art of Alfredo Lopez Jr at Greater Austin Comic Con

Even though I have only been to one Comic Con, I think the Super Stars of the show are the Artists.  They do amazing work with unbounded imaginations.  I am going to mention a few of the artists out of the many since I only spent time talking with a couple.  Each Artist at the event are very talented and hopefully the Greater Comic Con website includes information on each. 

I met Mr. Alfredo “Freddy” Lopez Jr. at the Greater Austin Comic Con and was very impressed by his work.  The first print that captured my attention was one with the Guardians of the Galaxy where in the print they were running off with some free comics.  I spoke with Freddy while looking over his selection of prints and mentioned that my wife and I really like Groot.  To my surprise he had recently painted a teenage Groot portrait and just happened to have it with him.  Now I do not impulsively buy too many things, but this one was not going to get away.  I am including a photo below of the painting I purchased from Freddy.  The photos doe not even do justice to his awesome painting.  I am happy to say our new Groot portrait is now on the mantle along with one other replica and some  family photos.   We are Groot!!!


I highly recommend you check out his site to lean more about Freddy and his work:


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