The blues

A time to ponder and wonder. We all do what we can to keep on keeping on. In these uncertain times, I feel the need for reflection and taking a moment to enjoy the masters of solitude. The blissfulness of blue; the Blue Heron seems to have acquired a great satisfaction in roaming this land alone. As much as I understand our current situation and admire our human spirit for looking out for one another. I must say this much solitude is for the birds. : )

It a challenging and unknowing time for so many.

“Lord, please shine, a light of hope
On those of us who fall behind
And when we stumble in the snow
Could you help us up, while there’s still time? Well, I don’t mean to be complainin’, Lord
You’ve always seen me through
And I know you got your reasons
For each and every thing you do
But tonight outside my window
There’s a lonesome mournful sound
And I just can’t keep from thinkin’
About the ones the wolves pulled down”

Garth Brooks – Wolves

I hope you and your loved ones are well. Best regards.