The air was filled with Snow

The air is chilled as you look down the row of tripods and telephotos.  If you are willing to rise a little earlier than others you might stake a position with the better vantage point, but you must leave early.  The other bird lovers know this as well and you can tell by the additional layers who was willing to head out first.  It is not without a purpose though as you wait and admire the Sand hill cranes wading in the pond awakening for the morning rise.  After the sun begins its morning light over the pond you can start to hear the sound off in a distance.  It beckons the calls of Snow, as moments pass it increases in strength.

There are so many.  In the early morning they head to the ponds.  Then something amazing happens.  They come in from all directions and land into the water.  Once landed the sounds of Snow Geese arises.  It reaches a magnitude that cannot be contained and before you know it all of the snow geese rise and fly toward the eagerly waiting photographers.  It seems they as headed straight into the lens and then lift just ever so higher into the sky as they overtake the position of the thousands of clicks.  You think for a moment this must be the end of this phenomena and yet it is just part of the magic.  Next the Snow geese are all in the air they gegin to swirl around the pond.  As the circular flow continues eventually the Snow Geese leading this flight descend in the same circular pattern until the land back into the pond.







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