Sueño un horizonte


As I reflect on the festival I am reminded how fortunate I have been to have many loved ones in my life that expressed encouragement and made a difference in my life. I miss the ones that passed away and wish I could have spent more time when they were still here. This festival not only reminded me of honoring and respecting the deceased but also recognizing and honoring family and friends. I think it is so easy to get busy and forget that some of the best experiences in our lives can really be simple and unexpected. We just have to take the time to recognize that life moves pretty fast. Before you know it, you may be the one someone is honoring. Before it comes to that, I hope we all can share a little more of ourselves with the ones we love. Viva La Vida!

If I can leave you with one more thought. As I looked into the crowd and noticed smiling faces of the youth with their families in the parade I am reminded of the hopes and dreams I had as a child. We all can go through challenging times and some more than others. This year has been very difficult for all Americans in one way or another. I hope we as a nation can come back together and put forth our best efforts to work together and make a difference for our future generations. We need to encourage our youth to understand how important culture, customs and history are to our country and for our families. No matter who is elected in public office and for President as a society we need to hold our government accountable to abide by our Constitution. We should honor and respect our communities and embrace ethnic and cultural differences.  Festivities like Viva La Vida are a perfect way to enjoy and appreciate cultures and traditions.

Thank you for taking a moment to view my series of photographs I captured at Viva La Vida. I hope this series may encourage other photographers to create a series of their own work if they have not done so already. When I attended the festival I was not intending to create a series; I just enjoyed so many moments that I wanted to share a glimpse of that experience. I hope you enjoy the photos. I will be exhibiting the photos until November 13th then keep a smaller collection of the photos on my website.



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