Strength of the Heart

I happen to head downtown for the parade a little early in the evening to get parking at see how the parade was going to be set up.  There were a number of people walking and going about their day.  As I walked down Congress Avenue I happened to cross paths with two local Artists.  I wish I would have written down their names, but I gave them my card and I hope they take a moment to read this blog.  Today I discovered the gentleman’s name is John.

The first artist was in thought and contemplating what art to instill to a blank canvas.  You never know when to interrupt an artist, but I figured it would be now or never.  She was very talented in her work and we talked about the pieces she showcased beside her.  She indicated that her art exhibited a transformation and I was in awe of her painting of what I would consider an Indian like spirit.  It was nice to discuss her art and admire her work.  I asked her if I could take a photo and include it on my website.

The lady Artist

As I passed I could hear the rhythm of a drum like a motorcycle changing gears and increasing in momentum.   I followed the rhythmic sounds which lead me to another artist.  He had two drum sticks and a bucket with two sheets of paper below his feet.  On the paper was “Aktiv Bucket  Best beats on one Bucket.  Beats, art, shirts & more Online at”

When he finished his rhythm I asked him about it and he said it was a rhythm of the motorcycles.  I asked him about his craft and discovered he liked other forms of art as well.  He was an interesting man, an artist and a pleasure to talk with.  I thanked him for the conversation and continued down the street.  Later as the rally began I could hear his rhythm both in his drums and on the street.

Artist John Monbelly

I visited the Aktive website and discovered a link to the a very interesting documentary about local Austin Artists and in the background is one of his songs.  The YouTube documentary called, “Strength of the heart.”   If you would like to listen to one of his songs and watch the documentary it is at:

Another website to see John’s and other local Austin artists is:

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