As the sun glared down on some of the dancers in the parade, it enticed their shadows to take form.  I was mesmerized by the transformations the shapes would take as the dancers would move.   I found this one capture particularly interesting.  As the dancer would move the shadow seemed to correspond and come to life.  I started to imagine a Spiritwalker contemplating the past to acquire wisdom for the future.

I imagined the shadow as a spirit.  Each step taken backwards in time as questions would arise from the spirit. The questions raised to contemplate.   In my mind, I pondered the spirit, …

Contemplate this land and earth.  Shall we see that all life is connected and precious?  Shall we learn from the Earth or from history? Shall we be willing to understand?  Only then should we move forward not backwards.  As bitter and cold the truth can be we must continue this chronicle through time.  


My interpretation:

Sometimes only some may recognize.  They may not be the ones in charge of large corporations, but their wisdom and value to this earth are plentiful.  Can we as a society, a nation, a planet listen to their voice?  Can we change and recognize the value for all or will we keep repeating this path backwards in time?

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