Series 1 of Characters at the Greater Austin Comic Con

I noticed a number of people in costumes did not have a card and so I handed out mine to them.  If you were at the Comic Con and you would like me to add a tag please let me know and I will be happy to do so.   It was great to take some photos and I used both a 28mm  full frame camera and and 56mm crop  camera which is like an 82mm in full frame.  After a while I switched the 56mm to a 35mm since it was harder to get the extra distance to shoot.  I found the 28mm to be the better focal length for me to get a wider variety of captures for taking group photos or getting up close.  That camera also has in body stabilization so I could hand hold at slower shutter speeds.  I like to shoot with two cameras so that I can get a slightly different perspective with both.

Hope you enjoy the photos, they are basically in the order in which I photographed.  I will be posting a series of photos a day.  I have to say there is a lot of TLC put into many of the fantastic costumes.  


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