Sandhill Cranes just south of Socorro New Mexico

Each November through January photographers from around the world head just south of the small town of Socorro, New Mexico to witness something magical.  In Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Center during November the Festival of the Cranes ( is held.  The beauty of the New Mexico mountains and hills is filled with the flight and sounds of Canadian Geese, Sandhill Cranes and a plethora of happy birders behind every shutter click.  Man made fields are filled with water for the cranes to congregate next to small ponds and fields that will hold many of the birds.  I have only been to Bosque del Apache once during this time period and it was memorable.   I shot a short video watching the Sandhill Cranes and extracted a short segment that I hope you enjoy.  At the time of the video I was visiting with my family and look back with fond memories.  I include a song, “Milonga,”  from Julio Iglesias.  I would frequently enjoy his music while traveling with my family when I was young and reminds me of this moment in time.

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