Saber Guild Jakku Temple at the Greater Austin Comic Con

I titled this photograph I took earlier today at the Greater Austin Comic Con, “Points of light and a mighty big heart”.   There are lights upon us that go beyond and take time for great causes.  These ladies, a man and a beautiful pup are a few of those Jedi’s in life that are destined to make a difference.  

On this weekend, they are supporting the Texas Lions Camp, which according to the website, “The primary purpose of the Camp is to provide, without charge, a camp for physically disabled, hearing/vision impaired, and diabetic children from the State of Texas, regardless of race, religion, or national origin. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere wherein campers will learn the “Can Do” philosophy and be allowed to achieve maximum personal growth and self-esteem.” (

To me these Jedi’s are beacons of light.  I admire their commitment and heart.  If I may,

“Home it takes
it’s a point of light
a ray of hope
in the darkest night
if you see what’s wrong
and you try to make it right
You will see a point of light
There are heroes,
Whose name we never heard,
a dedicated army of quiet volunteers.
Reaching out to feed the hungry,
reaching out to save the land,
reaching out to help they’r fellow man.
There are dreamers
who are make this dream come true
taking time to teach the children,
there is nothing they can’t do.
Giving shelter to the homeless,
giving hope to those without,
is’nt that what this land all about.
One by one, from the mountain to the see,
point’s of light, are calling out for you and me.”
Songwriters: Donald Alan Jr. Schlitz / Thomas James Schuyler
Randy Travis – Point of Light


If you would like to help.  I have included references below.  Perhaps we all can help let the Force be with them.


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