Republic Of Texas Rally 2016

The 2016 Austin Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally is over and I am looking forward to it in 2017.  This year I enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many great people from a number of states and local to Austin.  I appreciate the stories and getting to know some of the people at the rally.  I took a number of  images at the rally and it would take me too long to post all of them so I selected a large collection to include in some blogs that I wrote recently about the rally.  I have also added some of the photos to where they will be exhibited for a short time.  Below are a links to the Blog Posts I wrote related to the Rally and within each are associated photos.  In addition, the slide show includes additional images.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

If you would like to see more, click below in the Continue Reading link to see more photos from the Rally.

Kelly Boyd of Rustic Wood Arts at the Austin Rally

A bond to not be unbroken

The Wave

Street Cowboys

Strength of the Heart

Friends and Family Connections 1 of 4

Friends and Family Connections 2 of 4

Friends and Family Connections 3 of 4

Friends and Family Connections 4 of 4

Artist – Makoto Endo

Michael Lichter – Professional Motorcycle Photographer

Welcome to the ROT Rally 2016 Parade in Downtown Austin

Glitz Dolls at the Republic of Texas Rally 2016

My reflection


You sit behind the handlebars,
while the engine plays it’s tune,
you ride by soul, more than touch,
as if guided by some acient rune.

You think, as we all have,
you look within as you ride,
without thinking about it,
without thought for pride,

for true bikers dont ride for glory,
or for the rewards of men,
but for the simple joy of riding,
That’s not a what, it’s a when.

Like the tale of man an machine,
growing together old,
Something not understood,
by those not of our fold.

Or the joy of building,
a new ride and friend,
that will be ridden,
until the end, of life or of the road,
for in this life we chose,
there is not a lot of difference,
between the two of those.

Preacher, 5/2004

(Copied this poem from