Precision Camera Austin Sony Model Event

I happen to notice that Precision Camera in Austin, Texas, was having a Sony Event with Models in the store this past Saturday. What a great opportunity to check out Sony cameras and lenses while taking some photos of the models. It was a great time, in my favorite camera store, to meet the models and take some photos. I have included a sampling below where I used the 85mm f1.8 Sony lens and the Pentax Super Takumar (SMC) 50mm f1.4 m42 manual focus lens. I also tried the 90mm Sony Macro f2.8 and a Nikon 105mm f2.8 Macro lens. The Sony event was promoting the Sony a9 and a6500, but I had recently purchased a used Sony A7R II from Precision Camera and I wanted to see how it would perform.

The non Sony lenses were my own and when using mine I used manual focus. It is great that the Sony A7R II has the ability to magnify and show focus peaking. The camera includes IBIS as well and that helps tremendously. The trick is to set the functions buttons with those controls so that you can use them without always going back to the menus. With the Sony lenses I used auto focus and face detection. I only just realized the day after the photo shoot that you can do eye detection with the Sony A7R II, but I was not aware at the time. I am now aware for the next photo opportunity. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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