Photo walk along the Chisholm Trail

Today I took a photo walk along the Chisholm Trail to see the famous Round Rock and explore the area to see what would inspire me to take a photo. I took an old Nikon 55mm f1.2, a Nikon 105mm f1.8 and an old Sigma 12- 24mm. I like to take a couple of lenses with me when I go out and about. Usually that would imply that I would be taking two cameras, but this time I just took a Sony A7R II and manually composed each capture then switched lenses. There are some really beautiful sculptures in this park and they provide an essence of the history along the Chisholm trail. The Artist is Mr. Jim Thomas and I found this reference;

Along with the sculptures I found a number of scenes that caught my attention. Here are a few photos from this walk long. I highly recommend taking some old lenses out and getting an adapter if you have a digital camera or use an old film camera. If you have a phone with a camera use that as well. Take some time to explore an area and capture some moments.

There is something I find really special when using older lenses. Perhaps older lenses may have some imperfections or perhaps they have a uniqueness from outstanding craftsmanship. Either way you look at it is fine with me. I hope you enjoy the photos.