Observing the setting up of the Mighty Thoma Carnival

I like to find opportunities to shoot and explore. On this day I was heading to a park at lunch to take some captures with my 200-400 lens. When I turned into the road to the park I noticed the Mighty Thomas Carnival setting up their rides and exhibits (http://www.thomascarnival.com). I quickly decided this would be a great chance to observe and admire facets of the carnival. I quickly discovered that my auto focus stopped working on my old lens so fortunately I had my tripod.

For the captures I used my live view feature on my camera, turned the camera onto manual focus, set my frame then zoomed into the area I wanted to have the most focus. I could zoom in a couple of times so I did that in some cases to try to improve the detail as best as possible.  I would then set my camera into timer mode to try to alleviate any movement.  Next I would recompose and follow these steps again. These captures were taking during the setup of the carnival.  I also added a couple of photos I captured from the year before in which the Mighty Thomas Carnival was setting up as well.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to observe and enjoy the set up of these amazing rides for this great Carnival.  It was a moment to think back when I was young and enjoying these types of rides with friends and family.  It reminded me that you are never too old to enjoy a moment to take a ride or laugh with friends and family at events like the carnival.  I hope you enjoy viewing the captures.


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