My reflection


As I reflect on my experience of the Republic of Texas 2016 rally I think of all of the people I met and the stories we shared.  This year I wanted to start conversations and meet riders, vendors and motorcycle enthusiast that attended the rally and parade.  I cannot say I am a long standing motorcycle rally participant.  I have been attending the Republic of Texas Rally for 3 years in a row and a couple other rallies in between.  So my experience and reflection are limited to what I have observed.

In the rally, I notice a diverse representation of people with various ethnic backgrounds, along with some motorcycle gangs,  families and friends.  The opinions and deep rooted values between some of these groups could cause tension in many circumstances.  However, it seems to me that the rally is a place where these differences are overpowered by the connections and mutual respect for something they all enjoy.   I look at the rally in some regards as a microcosm of the American population.  Where we are people that originate from so many nations with cultures and ethnic diversity.

Lately there are strains on the American people between  political rhetoric and tragedies caused by individuals in which I do not understand.  I hope to see a our nation grow as a collection.  I think we all want to see the country be a better place for the next generation and would like to know that we are going to be okay and treated with respect.   Whether we come to realize it or not we are all here together and that we have been since the beginning of our nation.  I think that is what makes America great is the diverse cultures and people originating from many nations finding a home in this great land.

In a general sense, I hope as time progresses that we can listen more to each other and start conversations with one another.  I feel we would learn to recognize we all have friends, families, hopes, dreams, talents, fears, frustrations, ….  I think most people from all nations share that same passion and commitment for their country and I embrace and admire that passion as well.  To expand beyond the borders we are all on this great blue planet Earth;  one big rally of people enjoying this planet together.   I hope we continue to strive to make it a better place for each generation of all nations.  I thank you for taking a moment to view my work.   We all have a voice, an opinion and I appreciate you taking a moment to listen to mine.

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