My November 2018 Bear Wood Carving

In November I worked on this bear wood carving.  In 2017 my parents bought the basswood and the bear drawing from Jon Engler as a gift for Christmas of last year.  It sat in my wood collection for the year until recently.   I would pick up the wood a few times this past year examining the drawing and considering alternatives.  I really enjoyed the bear and fish and was hesitant to carve the original intention of a sea ice background so as I was carving I contemplated and eventually determined that I wanted it to transform into an Alaska scene with a river like the Kenai river.   Below are some of my thoughts during my carving process that you may be interesting in watching.  Sometimes I feel the carving can take another direction if you give it some time to observe and listen to the wood.  The original drawing is excellent, but for myself I wanted to alter the pattern so that it would reflect what I wanted the scene to be.

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