My final thoughts on the Motorcycle Rally

I really enjoyed my time at the Republic of Texas motorcycle rally.  I would have liked to spend more time taking photographs and meeting more people.  Perhaps next year I will add another day to my time at the rally.  This year I did not go to the Austin downtown parade instead I spent my time at the Travis County Expo Center.    I would have liked to capture photos from more of the activities, but that is another reason to look forward to next year.   I hope you enjoyed the photos and if you are interested, I have posted links below from a couple past rallies. 

I find that I tend to focus on the people as much if not more than the motorcycles.  I always enjoy the conversations and making some new friends.   It was my honor to meet so many great people and I hope if you see me next year you stop and say hello and perhaps be willing for another photograph.

My overall feelings about the rallies have not changed since I put my thoughts together a few years back.  I am including that link below in case you are interested in my opinion. 

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My reflection

Republic of Texas Rally 2019

23rd Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally, Austin Texas

Republic of Texas Motorcycle 2017

Republic Of Texas Rally 2016

Republic Of Texas Rally 2015

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