Krystal Hess and Motorcycle Missions

Two years ago at the downtown parade for the Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally I captured a moment,  where a lady on a motorcycle was gesturing the motorcycle wave to a man in the crowd.  I think the photo illustrates the  camaraderie and  the excitement of being a motorcycle rider where women and men share the same connection and admiration of the motorcycle.   I was excited to learn the lady is, Krystal Hess, she is the founder of Motorcycle Missions and role model in the motorcycle community.  I had decided to enter the photograph into an exhibit called, Women Rock!  It is defined as, “Women who have defined their own worlds, who have interpreted life as one that is open to all possibilities. Honoring the women, past, present and future, who have changed our world for the better and will continue being the change.  It was my honor to donate the photograph to Krystal in honor of the amazing work she and her organization does.  


To learn more about Motorcycle Missions please visit:


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