Kelly Boyd of Rustic Wood Arts at the Austin Rally

I noticed some beautifully carved works of art while walking around the vendor tents at the Austin Republic of Texas Rally. As I walked closer I could see the artist at work, her name is Kelly Boyd. I introduced myself and before long we were talking about the art of woodcarving. I asked her about her collection and she explained various pieces and shared stories. I admired one piece in particular in which she wood burned a portrait of her daughter and on the back of the wood, many years later, she wood burned her daughter when she was older. I could see the affection and loved instilled into the wood.

Another piece I enjoyed was her work of an Indian story that was still in progress. I admired how she spoke of carefully considering each placement of her drawings into the wood and how the grain of the wood and its dimension was considered. I found it interesting how she, as many of us artists have, a section missing in the frame that in time will be completed when she discovers and determines what is needed to complete the work.

Each piece of wood an expression, emotion and connection to the artist. Truly beautiful work. It was a pleasure to talk to Kelly and admire her work. If you would like to see more of her work you can visit her website at:

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