Honrando a nuestros antepasados

I very much enjoy the Viva La Vida Celebration in Austin, Texas.  It is  held the last weekend of October and I have been attending the celebration the last three years.  It is truly wonderful to see the beautiful gathering of remarkable people who share a glimpse into their culture while honoring traditions in this celebration of life.   It reminds me to embrace the memories of my loved ones ever so more for the ones that have past away but are never forgotten. 

I will be sharing a few blogs and many photos from the event starting tomorrow.   In the meantime, I included a link from the two years before of photos and my thoughts as I reflected on the festivities.  I hope you come back to see the photos from this weekend!  Please click on the link below to see the many photos I included from the years before.  I hope you enjoy! 


Viva La Vida Festival

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