Glitz Dolls at the Republic of Texas Rally 2016

I really appreciate the pretty young ladies from Glitz Dolls Modeling Agency to take a moment of their day to allow me to take a photo of them at the Rally.  The ladies were kind, friendly and patience as I took a few extra moments to ensure exposure in framing the models and the American flag to try to capture the essence of the moment.  The moment was briefly halted as a gentlemen that I had met early in the day ran into the frame between the ladies to be in the photo and we were all  happy to oblige.   After the shoot I thanked the ladies and continued my journey through the rally looking for moments that I felt represented the rally.

I posted this photo to commemorate the start of my exhibit on for the 2016 Republic of Texas Rally in Austin, Texas.   I thought to myself this might be the first representation that people might think about a Motorcycle rally in America.  All but one of the comments posted on the image were very welcoming with admiration for the ladies and the scene.   There was only one comment I was a little surprised to see indicating, “Only in America!!”  I kept this thought with me over the weekend as I enjoyed the rally and although it did not alter my objective of my photos.  Each evening I would consider this comment to ponder what it meant.

After the rally I decided to check the American Legion website to see what rules may be applied to the American flag (  I read the codes for all aspects of how the flag was represented within the photo in regards to position, manner of display, respect for the flag and conduct.  In my opinion, it met the codes without any doubt.  I wanted to be sure, so I headed to a local American Legion in my area and asked my question on the photo to the Post Officer, a lady and a number of gentlemen Veterans that were enjoying their day at the establishment.  The lady thought the young ladies in the photo were pretty and all felt the flag was well respected.   Later I also watched presidential candidates for both parties on Television news clippings include the American flag behind them in their speeches to the American people.

I understand that each country has its own principles and rules regarding its flag and I respect those rules for those countries.  For myself, I am happy that I confirmed the photo met the American flag code and that it was well received.  I feel the moment captured in this photo illuminates an essence of the rally commencing an American yearly tradition for motorcyclist and enthusiast to celebrate and  congregate.


Glitz Dolls at the Republic of Texas Rally 2016

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