Friends and Family Connections 1 of 4

Do you remember a time you spent with your friends or family in which you truly felt at home?  A time when other things do not take priority and you are just in that moment of togetherness.  I find it to be a special time and looking back through my life I find it was the little things (or at least I thought they were little at the time) that matter most.  As I get older I value these times and moments now more and more.

I do not usually go up to people and interrupt their day to ask to take a photo.  I typically like to admire those moments from a distance, without a camera and just pass by.   This year I wanted to talk and try to connect to people that enjoy the rally.  I was not sure what type of response I would get or if my potential intrusion into their lives would be welcomed.   I am truly glad I did.

It is interesting to me how welcoming people from all places can be.  The conversation can quickly evolve to a story about their journey, the rally or life in general.  I shared some laughs and meet some really great people.  Not everyone wanted to talk and those people did not mind if I took a photo of their bike.  For some that wanted to converse and were willing for a photograph, I tried something new to me; I used an Instax Fuji printer.  It is a small portable printer and it allowed me to take photos directly from my Fuji.  It was a fun way to share a photo and potentially share a moment that may last beyond the Rally.  I did not always have the printer with me and for those that were interested I gave them a card and asked them if I could post their capture on my website.

I am not sure when I may do this again, although I appreciate the moments shared.  I would have liked to have another day or two at the rally to go through the campsites to say hello and downtown at the parade.  However, there was only so much time and with the heat I can only be out for so long.  For those that I missed I hope to see you next year at the rally.  For those that I met it was an honor to meet you.

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