Fortitude and Time

“Trials make you strong.
Failure makes you humble.
Challenges make you strive.
Life keeps you going and growing”

– Kemi Sogunle

I am humbled by these words and I must say I am intrigued to discover more from this author whose words made me pause and ponder. I discovered the Authors words after viewing a photo. The photo above where I stood admiring a mountain on our way through the windy roads of Colorado.

I thought about fortitude as I sat in front of this massive rock formation. The colors in each layer seemingly balanced and somewhat linear. Each grain set with purpose or cast upon, as time goes by. The colours reminding me how life can be filled with seasons of emotions triggered by trials and tribulations. The seasons taking time to go from one to another. As the layers persist so shall the potential for evolution and progression. The grains are instances in time, the formation and texture is how it is absorbed and processed. Some formations continue to grow while others may wither away.

This mountain of rock appears to have gone through many seasons. Exposed to the elements; its layers visible to all that are willing to see, yet it grows beyond its original bounds and defines its space. It’s new growth uncertain as grains of sand lay beneath. Perhaps it will continue to grow beyond its bonds if its fortitude and time are willing.

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