Encounter with the Grimes of the Walking Dead

My first steps into the arena at the HEB Center where I typically would watch the Texas Stars play from the seats above.  I looked to the my right and I swear I had just stepped into a movie set of the Walking Dead.   I really love that show.  I binge-watched The Walking Dead about two years ago and I was hooked.  Beyond the chain link fence line were the zombies in a huge backdrop.  The two gentlemen who portrayed Carl and Rick Grimes looked as close to the actors as I could imagine.   They were also some very friendly folks.  It was worth paying the photo fee to get some photos with them and then be allowed to take a few of my own.  I handed a lady my Leica Q and she took two photos of me and the Grimes.   I am definitely making a large print.   Here are a couple of the photos in a smaller size.  If you have a chance to go to a Comic Con I highly recommend it.  This was my first and it wont be my last.



If you would like to see more of their work:

Facebook: MickGrimes/michaelwilson

Instagram: MIGrimes615

Twitter: MikeWilson@TWD

Instagram: norman_reedesque_cosplay



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