Chalk Walk Artists

The Round Rock Chalk Walk ( is this Friday and Saturday (10/4 – 10/5). It is my first time to take photos of the artists. I just happen to be coming back from an appointment in the morning and I stopped by the Dell Diamond to see if anyone had started to paint their visions.

There were a number of friendly artists working on their art in their parking space size (or bigger) canvas. It was great to briefly talk with the various artists and watch as they began to create their works of art using the chalk on the pavement. Each creation unfolding. Some artists were a bit further along since they determine their own workflow. I hope to go back tomorrow to recapture photos of their artwork and see the completed work. I believe the judging is on Saturday as well.

Along with the amazing artwork and artists, there are live bands and other attractions. If you are in the area, I highly recommend taking a moment to enjoy the festivities and appreciate the artists.

I am including a collections of photos I captured of the artists below. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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