Observing the setting up of the Mighty Thoma Carnival

I like to find opportunities to shoot and explore. On this day I was heading to a park at lunch to take some captures with my 200-400 lens. When I turned into the road to the park I noticed the Mighty Thomas Carnival setting up their rides and exhibits (http://www.thomascarnival.com). I quickly decided this would be a great chance to observe and admire facets of the carnival. I quickly discovered that my auto focus stopped working on my old lens so fortunately I had my tripod.

• • •

The views of Austin from Mount Bonnell

It is funny how you can live somewhere for a number of years and yet not see some of its amazing sites. I have done that myself and yesterday decided to see Mount Bonnell which is a popular destination in Austin to view the cityscape and surrounding area. It is considered the highest location in Austin at 780 feet above mean sea level. Not very high, but has spectacular views.   I need to come back to admire this view again.

• • •

The Kite Festival

It is great to see parents enjoying time with their families. With all of the high tech gadgets, it seems too easy to miss the real opportunities to connect with our families and have memories that last a life time. Cheers to Moms and Dads for taking time to teach, to embrace, to enjoy moments with their little ones (or any age for that matter).

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