In times like these

In times like these, I ponder.   As we make space between one another for the sake of each other, I hope we all see the how important we can be as one.   Sorrowful times can bring many things and bring the best of intentions.  I admire the human spirit.   To the ones that are out serving the communities like grocery store employees, medical staff, in sciences, in governments, in all areas that are striving to help; I thank you.   To everyone that is making space for each other, let us be thankful together for each other and for the ones we love.   Best of intentions and best regards.

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The season begins as the egrets make their way to the island. The ones that arrived have been busy making their nests and finding their partners. The Expectancy of new life, new beginnings awaits.

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M42 Fuji 55mm f2 photo walk

A photo walk with my Fuji X-Pro2 and an old Fuji 55mm f2 M42 mount lens and a MCEX-16 16mm extension tube. I enjoyed a weekend morning walk where I took my camera and the 55mm and the adapter. I like to use my Fuji with the manual focus. The magnifying ability of the camera zoom provides great focus opportunity. The manual controls slow down my thought process to consider each adjustment each aspect of the photo I capture. It may be a slower process than some may be used to, but I find it inspiring to do every now an then. I had not used the extension tube in a while and it help to provide some out of focus background that I enjoyed. Hope you take some time to do so manual focusing and see if it helps inspire you as well.

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The times that tell a story in our mind

Through turbulent and calm waters we go

The path we venture is uncertain at times. Through turbulent and calm waters we go. I say, embrace the moments. Some waters may test you and others may comfort you. Best wishes my friends for I hope upon your journey you share the moments with the ones you love. These moments I enjoyed with my family as we ventured through the Bosque Del Apache.

• • •

The Sandhills in New Mexico

I captured the wingspan of a sandhill crane at the Bosque Del Apache during the Festival of the Cranes. So many years go by and yet each year the cranes return. It is a magical time. The few times that I have gone, each time seems a bit different and yet the same feeling of awe and appreciation.

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