The times that tell a story in our mind

Through turbulent and calm waters we go

The path we venture is uncertain at times. Through turbulent and calm waters we go. I say, embrace the moments. Some waters may test you and others may comfort you. Best wishes my friends for I hope upon your journey you share the moments with the ones you love. These moments I enjoyed with my family as we ventured through the Bosque Del Apache.

• • •

The Sandhills in New Mexico

I captured the wingspan of a sandhill crane at the Bosque Del Apache during the Festival of the Cranes. So many years go by and yet each year the cranes return. It is a magical time. The few times that I have gone, each time seems a bit different and yet the same feeling of awe and appreciation.

• • •

Viva La Vida 2019

The Viva La Vida parade is one of my favorite in Austin, Texas this time of year. I have gone for a few years now and each time I appreciate it even more. I will be making a few series of photos from the festival. I hope you enjoy!

• • •


I listen to the words of the great artist, Louis Armstrong, “Seems to me it ain’t the world that’s so bad, but what we’re doing to it.  And all I’m saying, what a wonderful world it would be if only we give it a chance.  Love baby, love baby, that’s the secret.  Yeah, if lots more of us loved, we’d solve lots more problems.”

• • •
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