Artist Marquis Jamison debut of his first comic book

There are milestones in our lives that I think can be pivotal points which may alter our lives.  They are worth remembering and appreciating.   I think back in my life reflecting on a particular time when I remember the expressions and admiration of my Mom and Dad then realizing that I accomplished something special.  This portrait of Artist Marquis Jamison with his Father and Mother is one of those moments in my opinion.

I met a very proud father at the Greater Austin Comic Con as he described his son’s work.  In the conversation, he mentioned that his son had just published his very first comic book.   I felt a rush of excitement; perhaps from looking back at pivotal milestones in my own family and then feeling an admiration for the hard work and commitment this young man put into accomplishing his vision.  I asked if I could take a portrait of the Father and his son. 

Later that evening when I looked over the photographs I captured from the Comic Con. I came across the picture.  I noticed I missed  a moment and could see the admiration toward the young man from a lady in the photograph that I felt could only be shared from a Mom.  I was compelled to go back early the next day to be sure.   I am happy to say my intuition was right and with their permission I recaptured that moment between a Mom, Dad and their Son.  I am looking forward to reading the comic book soon that I purchased from Artist Mr. Marquis Jamison.   I congratulate you for publishing your first comic book.   I would have liked to have taken one additional photograph that included Marquis with one of his amazing prints that were displayed behind the artist. 

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