Artist – Makoto Endo

In the afternoon at the rally it was getting really hot outside so I headed inside the arena to cool down.  I walked through exhibits at the base of the arena and noticed a man sitting on his knees in what looked like a very painful position if you sat for too long.  He was starring ahead in a very tranquil and focused gaze.  In front of him was a long silver custom motorcycle with a back tire as wide as one of my truck tires.  The bike had the lowest seat I have seen on a bike this large where I imagine it would feel as if you would be immerse like a pilot entering a jet.

I focused back to the man and as I approached I noticed he was sitting on a towel with a bottle of ink in one hand and a chopstick on the other.  I said hello and examined his canvas which the ink was starting to take form of the bike.  I read his sign and discovered this artist was Mr. Makoto Endo.

I tried not to intrude and took several captures and watched as he would focus intently, dip the chopstick into the bottle and methodically flick or draw onto the canvas.  He had several bamboo chopsticks in a jar as well as a number of ink bottles that later I discovered includes shades from black to white. It was really interesting to see his technique.  I watch for a little while longer than decided to come back the next day.  The next day the painting was taking shape and the canvas was transforming into an amazing piece of art.     I captured a few images and I also found two references that you may enjoy:

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