Art and Sculpture of Scott Harben

Being someone who really enjoys photography and science fiction;  I truly admire when someone can infuse the two together.  The science fiction work that Scott creates is so life like it feels as if you enter a different dimension.   The mood, atmosphere and lighting in each print is remarkable and they are truly a work of art.  Among the many prints,  one that capture my attention was a print with Yoda.    Below is Scott holding the print I had just purchased.  He was kind enough to take the photo.


We talked a bit about photography as I looked through his work.   I figured his photography must be as good and it is just as incredible.  It was not hard to find some websites of Scott’s work.  I highly recommend checkout out his photography website or other links like his Facebook.  Pretty nice gentleman and an outstanding Artist.

To see more of Scott’s work please visit:

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